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Hair, Beard & Body Butter Just For You!

Our flagship product, “It’s Butta’ Baby!” Hair, Beard and Body Butter is an all natural, multi-functional buttered cream that’s to be used in more ways than one. Many people use “It’s Butta Baby!” on their hands,  feet, full body, beard, hair and scalp. Some even report that it helps with eczema.  
This product was personally created to give you polished looking hair and beard and also take care of the skin underneath as well. 

Do you want the hair. beard and skin that people can’t stop raving about?  Then the Tim Johnson System multifunctional products is what you’ve been waiting for. Don’t waste your money on the rest. Now you can have the best. 
The Tim Johnson System is a system that’s been tested, tried and true and it’s the product that you can trust. Become a trusted believer too!